Monday, April 30, 2007

May Final Table

Hello all,

As my hair falls out (yep its time!) I've been inspired to add a monthly strand to my blog. 'The Final Table'! Basically its going to consist of 6 things that I feel worthy of an extra mention for a particular month, things that have kept me busy, impressed or intrigued me, or even things that have really annoyed me but I just have to respect.

So below is my first ever final table and my reasons why. Disagree? then please feel free to comment or even suggest for June's final table.

UKGatsby (

Top guy! I only know Paul though his blog but for someone I've never met he's been very supportive, posting positive comments and mentioning me numerous times on his blog. So I'd like to say a massive thank you to the man, I really appreciate everything and its helped keep my spirits high. Please go check out his blog.

Shannon Elizabeth

Well she just hot, she plays poker and she may be single. I'm not 100% sure about that but I'm sure she was getting divorced. Again, if anyone runs into her then she is more then welcome to come and visit me in hospital - nurses uniform optional!

Resistance: Fall of Man

The PS3 game. Its taken away a small portion of my life recently!! Incrediably addictive and great story line. I've just completed it for the first time and was well worth the time. Multiplayer is great through Sony's online set-up. I am totally useless and haven't won any matches yet but blasting the faces of overconfident, cocky little sh*ts is loads a fun!! ...If only they'd stand still long enough for me to do it though! Buy it!

Lance Armstrong

Hadn't even though about Lance until I saw him on a TV show last night. This man beat cancer, quite serious cancer as well and went on to win 7 tour de france titles! Thats prety f*cking special and he's become a bit of an inspiration for me. I don't intend to win 7 tour de france titles, or even take up cycling for that matter! But the fact that someone can come back from cancer and rule the world in a particular field really shows the power of the human body, mind and spirit. I'll be happy with whacking 20lbs on down the gym post cancer but knowing what Lance did is a great example that anything is possible. Note to self, must buy his book.

Railing on Full Tilt

I don't often rail online games but have been checking out some of the $500/$1000 NLH and the $200/$400 NLO Hi on Full Tilt. Mostly been watching when Luigi6693 is playing, aka Patrick Antonius and its pretty sic stuff. Patrick seems to steam roll most of the guys and I don't think I've ever seen him have a losing session. He is super aggressive, maybe too much in the sense he can get trapped but since those hands come along a lot less frequently he racks up the change. If you wanna see stupid big pots and some serious pressure poker then check out these games, you just have to be logged on around 8am to catch the end of them Vegas time!

Joe Hachem

I had to add Joe to the Final Table. I think he is an amazing live player and had really showed the world that not everyone that has won the Main event over the last 4/5 years has been a one hit wonder. Congrats on the WPT win and I hope he gets his second bracelet at this years WSOP. Great player and great ambassador for the game.

Well there is is, the first ever Wombol Final Table for May 2007. Enjoy! I'm in chemo from Tuesday to Saturday so will no doubt feel like total shite by Sunday plus will probably be very bald, oh well! I hope everyone runs well this week, enjoy the game and don't let it rule the way you feel.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007


As poker players one of our biggest weapons we have when our cards are running cold is aggression. Well timed aggression can take players off pots when they currently hold a vunerable but winning hand.

Well timed bets, re-raises, all ins when the board is looking dangerous to a straight or flush can keep poker players afloat when nothing else is going their way. I've found over the last week however that I seem to be playing more and more passively which isn't good!

I've been waiting for the stone cold nuts, folding in the face of a raise or suspicious large bets because I didn't want to put a large portion of my stack on the line with a marginal hand. Its meant that I've been sitting around for ages waiting for a playable hand and when they do come I'm just not getting paid for them.

I tried to go some way to rectifying this yesterday with some Wombol style aggression and it seemed to work 90% of the time but the opportunities to play this way just weren't coming along enough, which was probably down to me not entering enough pots. I think I see 25-30% of flops and probably hit the same percentage of the ones I see. So not really generating a massive level of playable hands.

I've experimented with playing more hands and always seem to get myself in trouble or burn through my buy in far to quickly so am at a crossroads here. A comfortable style seems to be alluding me. Any thoughts?

Might experiment a bit further today, but I guess this is a key time in moving my poker self forward. I need to settle on a style that I'm confident in, a way to play that I can push with otherwise I'll always be second guessing or on that back foot.

How do you guys feel comfortable playing? Is it all out aggression, raise, raise, raise, or are you more passive, or somewhere in between. Would love to know.


Just pulled in my biggest pot ever!! To be honest shouldn't have even have been playing $2/$4 put decided to have a pop!

Full Tilt Poker Game $2/$4 - No Limit Hold'em - 5:29:51 ET - 2007/04/26
Seat 1: lovedog666 ($233.75)
Seat 2: Abmatic ($328.10)
Seat 3: CmeWin ($245.65)
Seat 4: Dopester ($562.25)
Seat 5: Stunbob ($464.40)
Seat 6: Bank Shot ($242.10)
Seat 7: SomeDude69 ($463.85)
Seat 8: Wombol ($398.75)
Seat 9: mike the dyke69 ($348.90)
Stunbob posts the small blind of $2
Bank Shot has 5 seconds left to act
Bank Shot posts the big blind of $4
The button is in seat #4
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Wombol [Jh Jd]
SomeDude69 folds
Wombol calls $4
mike the dyke69 raises to $14
lovedog666 folds
Abmatic calls $14
CmeWin folds
Dopester calls $14
Stunbob folds
Bank Shot has 15 seconds left to act
Bank Shot calls $14
Wombol calls $14
*** FLOP *** [Js 6c Kd]
Bank Shot checks
Wombol checks (Let the pre-flop raiser make the first move)
mike the dyke69 bets $32 (Perfect!!)
Abmatic raises to $64 (Even better!)
Dopester folds
Bank Shot folds
Wombol calls $64
mike the dyke69 calls $64
*** TURN *** [Js 6c Kd] [7h]
Wombol bets $40 (Lets lead the betting now and see if we can't force an all in)
mike the dyke69 folds
Abmatic has 15 seconds left to act
Abmatic raises to $250.10, and is all in (Happy days!)
Wombol calls $250.10
Abmatic shows [9s Kh]
Wombol shows [Jh Jd]
*** RIVER *** [Js 6c Kd 7h] [7d]
Abmatic shows two pair, Kings and Sevens
Wombol shows a full house, Jacks full of Sevens
Wombol wins the pot ($759.20) with a full house, Jacks full of Sevens
Abmatic is sitting out
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $762.20 Rake $3
Board: [Js 6c Kd 7h 7d]
Seat 1: lovedog666 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 2: Abmatic showed [9s Kh] and lost with two pair, Kings and Sevens
Seat 3: CmeWin didn't bet (folded)
Seat 4: Dopester (button) folded on the Flop
Seat 5: Stunbob (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 6: Bank Shot (big blind) folded on the Flop
Seat 7: SomeDude69 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 8: Wombol showed [Jh Jd] and won ($759.20) with a full house, Jacks full of Sevens
Seat 9: mike the dyke69 folded on the Turn

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What a strange world we live in...the poker world that is!

Had a comment from a non poker playing friend of mine that stopped by my blog for a read.

Quite funny and makes you think about how weird poker can look to non players looking in!!

"Dude, been thinking of you. i have no idea what these weird poker terms mean but they sound cool! ten-four, don't leave the flop hanging on the river or the deuces will come and bite you on the ante. seriously."


Monday, April 23, 2007

Music to watch the cards go by

Decided to invest in a new Sony MP3 player today. I've owned an ipod for the past couple of years but haven't really been using it lately. Not because its an ipod, just because its big and I haven't been buying many new cd's recently. However being stuck at home with lots of time on your hands you start looking for things to do (beyond poker obv!) and I've started to get back into music.

Decided not to follow the flock and buy another ipod, yes they are great but I have never been impressed with the sound quality and although iTunes is cool I normally buy the CD just for the sake of adding it to my collection so not too fussed about software (Have heard Sony Connect is average at best!)

I've gone for a little flash player rather then a huge 80gb f*cker, I'd rather have something light and portable which I can take to the gym unoticed as opposed to carrying around a small record shop in my bag just for the sake of saying I have every song own on my person! So should arrive tomorrow.

I have quite strange tastes in music, in that I hate commercial music, not a massive fan of anything in the charts and beyond the odd good car song I tend to stay away from it. Part of my fascination with music is discovering new bands, finding great songs, and creating a completely unique soundtrack to my life.

To do that I really love American alt and soft rock, I can't seem to listen to anything UK based, its just a little too punky/indie for me.

Some more famous or at least well known examples of the kind of music I listen to are Matchbox Twenty, Goo Goo Dolls, 3 Doors Down, Third Eye Blind, Counting Crows etc.

Some of the more obscure bands that I would thouroughly recommened if you are up for trying something new and love Rock music would be;

Dakona/Perfect Change - Canadian band Dakona have only released 1 album but it is unreal. Stand out track is 'Waiting'

Vertical Horizon/Everything you want - This band can seriously do no wrong, great songs, great lyrics and amazing music. This is my fave album of theirs but you can do no wrong with any of them. Stand out track, 'Everything you want'

Lifehouse/Lifehouse - Again, this band can do no wrong. Three albums, all 5 stars in my opinion. Standout track, 'Come back Down'.

I've also just bought albums by Greenwheel and Vonray, again, completely based on US Amazon recommendations. I'd never heard of the bands before ordering the CD's so hopefully they'll be good.
If anyone reading knows of some good American alt/soft rock bands then please let me know, totally open to suggestions.


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Relegation 6 pointer

Today is a huge day for me. Today, my football team, Charlton Athletic, take on Sheffield United in a game, that if won by a team, will more then likely secure their survival in the premiership for another season.

For those of you not familiar with BOTTOM of the Premiership table it currently looks like this;

A win for Charlton will see them move to 35 points and potentially move as high as 15th dependent on results aand goal difference in other games. A loss will set them at least 3 points off the pace dependent on results with only 3 games left to turn that around. Not good news.

Unfortunately I can't watch the game, its not on TV and I couldn't get tickets so my phone will be my connection while I'm out and about today. Fingers crossed!!

My sister bought be Fight Night Round 3 the other day for my PS3 and finally played it yesterday, it had sat on my tv for a week without being opened!! Wow, its brilliant, so realistic. No energy bars or Had-o-kens, just proper brawling. Managed to take down my first fight as Jake LaMotta then got a bit cocky and set Jow Frazier (Heavy Weight) against some small Feather Weight guy and lost!! I'm currently building my own Butterball fighter to take online and whack a few losers with!!

Thats about all for today, Come on you Reds, do me proud!


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wanna Play Tube Poker?

To everyone out there that gets bored on public transport, there is a new craze in town...Tube Poker!!

Check out the website at and let me know if you manage to get 5 of a kind Aces!


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Always running into Aces!

Anyone else have the same problem as me?! Or is it just can't be everyone as someone has to have those aces that always bust me when I try and make a move.

Played the $5+0.50c today and was rolling along nicely, taking my time, no connection issues. Was an low to average stack and decided it was time to make a move to push deeper into the tornie. Flopped top pair, top kicker and was heads up. The other guy, a massive stack, checked, i took it as a sign of weakness as he only called a small raise from me pre-flop, I'm all in, he calls...what do you think he has...those dreaded aces. BUSTED!! 34th out of 104 runners so way better then the 7 shamble hands of Monday! Still no return though!

10 minutes later I decide to play a quick SNG before lunch, 2 quick exits and already my starting stack is the smallest at the table, not because I had spunked any of it off but 3000 chips got shared around ever other player left! I have A/K and raise pre flop, one caller, flop a king, all in...oh its those Aces again, I'm out in 7th!

Other then that had mixed fortunes in the cash games, managed to pick up aces and win a decent pot for once but really was pretty card dead. No massive changes roll wise today, really would like a hot streak just to boost things up and get the ball rolling to move up a level, at this rate it could take a while though!

Also, decided to check my rake back today, there was never going to be much there but just though it was worth checking in to make sure everything was working. I signed up through Rake the Rake as I had seen them advertise in Poker Player Mag here in the UK. Anyway, unsurprisingly given my run of luck, the account was never completed!! I few emails later though and they assure me that everything will be rectified and I will get full credit on all past transaction!! I bloody hope so!! So as it has been, life in Wombol world is never as straight forward as it seems!!

I just wanted to leave you with one hand I caught today, didn't exactly milk my opponent but I haven't flopped quads for AGES and was so happy with it I feel the need to share!!

Full Tilt Poker Game #2234029789: $5 + $0.50 Tournament (16781106)
Table 9 - 80/160 - No Limit Hold'em - 6:55:47 ET - 2007/04/18
Seat 1: Wombol (2,140)
Seat 2: ggrammer (5,950)
Seat 3: perlbot (755)
Seat 5: prodigio20 (6,890)
Seat 6: meltpot (5,015)
Seat 7: MNavarro87 (890)
Seat 8: old matt (4,020)
Seat 9: ississ (10,145)
old matt posts the small blind of 80
ississ posts the big blind of 160
The button is in seat #7
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Wombol [Jc Jd]
meltpot: guess his luck fell out the third time
Wombol calls 160
ggrammer folds
perlbot folds
prodigio20 folds
meltpot folds
MNavarro87 folds
old matt foldsississ checks
*** FLOP ***
[Jh Ad Js]
ississ checks
Wombol checks
*** TURN ***
[Jh Ad Js]
[7s]ississ checks
Wombol checks
*** RIVER ***
[Jh Ad Js 7s] [5d]
ississ checks
Wombol bets 300
ississ folds
Uncalled bet of 300 returned to Wombol
Wombol mucks
Wombol wins the pot (400)
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 400 Rake 0Board: [Jh Ad Js 7s 5d]
Seat 1: Wombol collected (400), mucked
Seat 2: ggrammer didn't bet (folded)
Seat 3: perlbot didn't bet (folded)
Seat 5: prodigio20 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 6: meltpot didn't bet (folded)
Seat 7: MNavarro87 (button) didn't bet (folded)
Seat 8: old matt (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 9: ississ (big blind) folded on the River

So there we have it, mighty quads for 400 chips!!


Monday, April 16, 2007

First full day at the tables...well half as of now!

Got up ready for the tornie, cooked myself some beans on toast for energy...I tell you, on chemo beans on toast is food from the goods!!

Sat down at the pooter, booted up, surfed the net a bit, registered for the $5+50c (chickened out of the $2,500 guarantee as wanted to run my tornie play through a couple of cheapies first!).

Deal is at 10:30 GMT time, roughly about 10:11 GMT, connection goes...comes back...goes...back...gone!! Aarrgghh!

Reboot, its back, no its gone! Switch off router, reboots, its back, no its not it just teasing by pretending to connect but transferring no data.

Try for a new connection, go through all security questions...this connection already exists!! WHERE! Why aren't you connecting!!

Reboot everything...I'm on, I'm late...phew just missed one SB.

Connection lost, connection found, connection lost, found, lost, found, 7 hands later all in...i so did not do that, out in 74th place from 105 runners!!

NOT the return to glory I was hoping for!! Connection seems fine now, have played some small cash games to test things a little further, no idea why the connection was playing up but it did so with the utmost of perfect timing!!

Not sure if I'll play anymore today, little worried about the connection at the moment, after all the Neteller trouble I've had the last thing I need is arguments with poker support over refundable buy-ins!!

Probably no poker tomorrow either due to chemo but should everything connection wise hold out as it is now I'll be back in the $5+50c on Wednesday and hopefully fair a little better then 7 hands!!

Thought I would leave everyone with another lovely picture of the delightful Lacey Jones, poker pro.

She's only 20, she's a model, an ambassador for Absolute Poker and looks great in a bikini!! Expect big things from Lacey Jones!


Sunday, April 15, 2007

That felt so good!!

So just to quickly cut the Neteller story short, I have finally deposited funds and can play poker!! Slight error on Netellers part about the exchange rate, but to be honest I'm beyond caring!!

Right, managed to play some poker. Took it easy and just logged some time playing 0.25/0.50c, only played about 70 hands or so but just really wanted to test my concentration and get used to the new software. Overall I hardly set the table alight, finished up slightly thanks to someone chasing a flush draw vs. my pair of flopped aces (A/K), but it felt good...real good!!

Think I might play the $2,500 guarantee tomorrow morning if I sleep right tonight and kick on from there.

There was one hand which unfortunately didn't save that I wanted to show everyone. Was a hand that was destined to lose a lot of people money. Now I didn't play as everyone went in on the flop and I folded to some major raising pre-flop, but essentially I held Q/J suited clubs;

3 players in the hand
P1 - Ah/Kh
P2 - 7/7
P3 - 8/9c

Flop - Qh/7h/10c

All 3 players go all in

Turn - Jh
River - Js

So there was the nut straight, the nut flush and a full boat. The full boat 7's full of Jacks won about $105, but what kills me is, if I'd gone all in I'd have Jacks full of queens!!

Obviously never gonna happen but what a killer hand and very funny how the cards fell to make trips, straight, flush and boat!!

Run well everyone, and glad to be back :)


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Back at last!

Well, what was probably the longest week of my life is now over. Five days of chemo down and i'm off until Tuesday when I need to go back in for another blast.

I've been trying to think of the best way to describe what chemo feels like, for me its like having a nasty hang over coupled with some food poisoning. Your whole body feels it, and its impossible to escape. You can taste metal constantly and the smell of food makes you feel sick. Given all that though your mind almost comes to accept the way you feel and you go into some weird insular place where everything is trance like or a little surreal. Your conversations are slowed and you just feel super chilled because you just can't do anything about the way you feel. It was tough, but I've got one of the 5 day stints out the way now!

Feeling a bit grotty at the moment, so am probably gonna rest up for the rest of the day and check back in tomorrow. Hopefully with some happy news from Neteller!! As I need poker!!

Thanks for reading all


Thursday, April 12, 2007

The A Team never fails!

For those of you that read my comment on my last post you'll know that I've been trying A Team style to post something from my phone. Well the brussel sprouts and wire coat hanger didn't quite cut it, so I went all out and built a tank out off old dust bins with a potato cannon made from a toilet roll!

Given all that it seems to have worked...well I borrowed my girlfriends Blackberry to be honest!
Now I'm on not a lot to add to my earlier comment. Am trying to get a few work buddies along for a poker session here in the hospital. I reckon their sympathy may give me an added edge and help me earn some extra cash while plugged in to the drip!

Think I'll leave you with a terrible do you start an onion race?

Onion marks, get set, go!

I'll understand if you never visit again!


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The big day commeth!

Sorry for the random post title, just came all over Adidas, David Beckham for a second. Anyway, moving swiftly on. A quick recap on my blossoming realtionship with Neteller, the cash has left my bank account but has it arrived in my Neteller account?! Of course it hasn't!! That would be the simplest and most satisfying outcome, and Neteller, as I have discovered are the polar opposite of what the internet is all about. What is the internet all about you ask? Well in my opinion its about making peoples lives easier, its about delivering supirior on demand content and functionality allowing users to make decisions about how and when they consume it. Neteller on the other hand is about functionality when they can be bothered and making peoples lives more difficult by fecking every transaction up repeatedly just for the fun of it, then compounding the situation by employeeing the worst customer service team anywhere on the planet!! Good stuff Neteller, you are really!

So after that rant, I just wanted to let everyone know I'm off to chemo for my first session this morning. I went on a massive track suit binge yesterday so am properly kitted out in lounge wear!! I really have no idea what to expect if I'm honest. After the first consultation when I was run through the treatment, I haven't really had any further explanation so will be interesting to see what its all about.

I managed to tick everything off on my list which was good, actually don't mind the shaved head if I'm honest. Its good not having to worry about having bed head anymore!! Sorry correction, I didn't tick everything off on my list - Anything poker related didn't happen thanks to Neteller!!

I also wanted to leave everyone with a little something to stare at in my absence. Just lovely...

I'm sure you all know this is Shannon Elizabeth looking stunning, but I have tried to keep this poker related. Shannon recently nailed a 4th place at the NBC National Heads-up Championship, knocking out some greats like Barry Greenstein and Humberto Brenes along he way. Shannon is a sponsored Full Tilt Pro would you believe and a regular in the card rooms of Vegas.

So please enjoy Shannon while I'm out at chemo and I'll be back soon...probably to more Neteller nightmares!


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Why is playing poker so hard!

So have been trying and trying to get myself ready to start playing poker full time and every step of the way I have encountered some dip stick problem! Is this a sign? If it is I am well and truly ignoring it, but come on, things shouldn't be this hard!!

Just to share my pain, and maybe I'm being unreasonable, but its gone something like this...

1) Log onto Full Tilt Poker and decide that I'm gonna play there for a while due to the rake back option and the number of players.

2) Try and deposit funds into my account though my Mastercard, declined! Try Click 2 Pay, no good, try Neteller and I can only deposit $200, so look to upgrade my account. Takes up to 5 business days to register a bank account. See no other option so proceed!

3) Call from Mastercard, my card has apparently been snaffled by some naughty fraudsters so they've cancelled it. Mention I was trying to deposit some money into Full Tilt Poker, line goes suspiciously quiet, repeat line about fraudsters! They've stuffed up, so no credit card for me for a week.

4) Finally Neteller finish their registration process and I can use my Neteller account. Log on...oh no I don't! My account has been closed. Of course it frickin has!! Phone Neteller,

Neteller 'Sir, you are trying to use Neteller from the USA'

Me 'No I'm not, i'm in the UK'

Neteller 'Sir, your IP address shows you are in Washington'

Me 'I wish I was in Washington, its raining here in London at the moment. Do you think my ISP might be routing me through Washington'

Neteller....pause 'Will you hold sir'

Me...sigh 'Yes'

Neteller 'Sir, we are going to have to call you back for security purposes, what is your mobile' etc

Netteller phones me back, and goes through all the security questions again

Neteller 'Sir, we can confirm you are in the UK'

Me 'Really! thats amazing, didn't I tell you that?'

Neteller 'Yes'

Me 'Can I access my account now'

Neteller 'Yes sir, thank you for using Neteller'

5) Decide it times to INSTANTLY deposit some funds through Neteller. So log on, enter my details...declined. Try again...declined. So I phone my bank, all good there. I then phone Neteller. They then tell me that I am entering the security number on the back of my card incorrectly. Kindly point out that I managed to make it through to a uni level education and there was a whole module on copying, so I have a high proficiency in that. Ask to speak to her supervisor. On comes the supervisor. Conversation goes something like this;

Neteller 'Can I ask you a few security questions sir'

Me 'You've just been passed the phone from your colleague, do we really need to go through this all again, its painful'

Neteller 'Yes sir, we do'

Go through frickin security questions

Neteller 'How can i help you sir'

Me 'I'm trying to deposit money using Maestro and it keeps declining me'

Neteller 'Sir we don't take transactions through the Mastercard network which includes Maestro'

Me 'Then why on earth is it a god damn option on your site if it doesn't work?'

Neteller 'We are experimenting with Mastercard now and hopefully will be an option in the future'

Me 'So how the hell does that help me now then'

Neteller 'It doesn't sir, you could try getting a Visa'

Me 'By saying something that stupid you are really embarrassing yourself'

Neteller 'Sorry sir'

Me 'Right so I can't use my card and I verified my bank account for no reason at all, thank you! what other options are there?'

Neteller 'You could try a bank wire'

Me 'What does that involve?'

Neteller 'You need to do this, and that and then go into your bank to authorise the transaction'

Me 'Taking into consideration your last statement, please explain the point of internet banking and why the hell I would use NETeller if I wanted to go into my bank?'

Awkward pause...

Me 'How about a bank deposit, it say's here its instant. Can you stay on the line why i go through this please'

Neteller 'Yes, certainly sir'

Me 'Ah, look, after going through 3 pages it says it isn't instant after all'

Neteller 'Ah, yes sir, some of our wording on the website is a little...'

Me '...wrong!?'

Neteller 'No sir, not wrong, just...inaccurate'

Me 'You muppet!'

Neteller 'Thank you sir'

Me 'Right I've set up a bank transfer, how long does that take?'

Neteller '2 to 7 business days'

Me 'For gods sake, this is so shit, how are you still in business'

Neteller 'Our services work well in other countries sir'

Me 'I should hope so, because they are terrible in the UK. I need to go now, you've probably raised my blood pressure 10 fold in the last 10 minutes. If this doesn't work, you've officially lost a customer'

Neteller 'Thank you for using Net....'

Me 'Please, shut up' *click*

So current state of play is, no money to play on Full Tilt, I'm utterly disillusioned with the world and am in no state to play.

Thank you Neteller for totally ruining my Sunday night, it takes a lot to piss me off, but you have passed with flying colours!

Wombol...currently NOT playing poker!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Its Chemo time!!

Right, so I have finally been given my Chemo schedule and there seems to be no hanging about, I kick off on Tuesday 9th April!! Jesus, I think its finally sinking in, its taken a while but the time has come. Technically I should be sunning myself in the Maldives right about now but I had to cancel that holiday to get cracking with the Chemo, great, I know where I would rather be!!

I need to have 5 cycles of chemo, and each cycle is 3 weeks in duration. So what that breaks down to is;

Week 1: 5 days continuous chemo using a rotation of 3 drugs, so Monday through Friday staying in the Oncology ward

Week 2: 1 day of treatment using 1 particular drug in the Oncology Ward

Week 3: 1 day of treatment using 1 particular drug in the Oncology Ward

So overall I will be having treatment for 7 days of every 21, the remaining time I will be at home, playing poker as a rookie pro, on the PS3 or snoozing!
Things I need to do in the meantime are;

  • See the fam this weekend
  • Shave my head on Monday
  • Get fricking Netteller to deposit some money into my account
  • Have a party of some kind
  • Go buy a few tracksuits to stay comfy and pretend to be such a massive high roller that dressing well is below me!
  • Work out a poker plan of action ie. Cash games vs tornies
  • Send in a massive book order to Amazon
  • Sort out any other loose ends and keep smiling!

I think thats about it. I won’t be able to post anything between Tuesday and Saturday of next week so readers please don’t all disappear on me!! ...tell you what would be awesome, and thats having wireless in the oncology ward so I could log on!!

Righty-ho, unsurprisingly I feel like a stiff drink...


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Married to Aces

So there I was playing the 0.25/0.50 tables, keeping my game tight and watching the other players moves when within 2 hands one of the other players at the tables was felted. Now in some circumstances this could be a sign of a player going on tilt, playing naff hands into a raise or re-raise, or as it just turns out getting married to aces and then getting extremely unlucky with aces!! Thats right this poor guy picked up aces twice in the space of 3 hands (he didn't play the second hand!) and was felted!!

I've taken some snaps so you can see this poors guys pain. The first hand below, well to be honest, he was wedded to his aces. He didn't raise enough pre-flop to drive out the hand that eventually flopped the 2nd nut straight and busted him up big time. I'm still a little confused to be honest as to why the guy with aces re-raised the raise so much on such a dangerous board!

Two hands later the same guy picks up aces again!! Now i would probably be over the moon to see pocket rockets again so quickly. I would have put the last beat down to bad luck or stupidity and would be itching to make some money back this time round. So off he goes again, playing his aces and manges to get all the money in the pot again, on a board you'd probably wish you had raised more pre-flop with, when magically, while chasing a flush draw the other guy rivers 2 pair and busts him again!!

So although the other guy had outs he didn't have the odds to call the all in bet and then he essentially back doors 2 pair!!

So is there a moral to this story?! Probably not, however I will be re-reading Doyle Brunsons section on playing Aces and Kings in the hole and will pay even more attention to the fact that these hands either win small pots or lose big ones!!

Make sure you all put in a decent raise pre-flop, or if you limp, have the courage to muck this monster hands when then flop gives your opponents to much that can beat you.

Run well all


Monday, April 02, 2007

Eye Candy!

Quite a simple post really in that I was wondering who the hottest female poker player is! Now this could be open to massive debate as everyone one will have a different opinion here. However in my opinion there is a tough call between these two exceptionally beautiful poker players.

Miss Liz Leui
Miss Jennifer Leigh
Now if I had to pick one I would probably say Liz is the hottest. But the real issue here is how does playing across the table from a lovely lady affect your game. Can you concentrate, do you get distracted, does that killer instinct leave you and do you feel the need to impress said lady by being hyper aggressive and then, sadly, getting trapped!!

Imagine sitting opposite a Liz or Jen during a 12 hour cash game. You’re playing solid patient and disciplined poker which leads to long dry spells without action. How can your mind not wander onto that lovely lady opposite you?! In my opinion it can’t, maybe you can fight it for the first few hours but eventually one simple male weakness will creep in and you’ll lose concentration and poker law dictates that, that is exactly when you pick up aces, she plays suited connectors and busts you big time for not paying attention to the game and missing the flush or straight draw!!

So let this be a warning to you all. It may brighten up the table to have a sexy lady playing cards with you, but while your contemplating whether she likes you and wants to go for a drink, she’ll be busy stealing all of your chips and leaving you flat broke!!

Nice pictures though!!


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Thank You!

I just wanted to say, thank you so much for all of the comments and emails I have received over the last few days. Its pretty amazing how people who I have never met are saying good luck and get well soon. I really appreciate all of the well wishes and its definitely keeping me in a nice positive mood.

When you think about poker players, you essentially have a bunch of lone rangers all playing for themselves, using their own skill and mental powers to go to war and out wit other players at the table. Its not a team event, you can’t get an assist for taking down a pot and you certainly don’t have half time team talks to stop everyone going on tilt!

However off the table I think poker players are probably the friendliest bunch of people you can find. Every time I meet a fellow player they are always easy to talk to and game for a laugh. Maybe its because every player knows that when they meet a kindred spirit they have something in common that they could talk about and discuss for hours on end without ever getting tired. And if, unexpectedly they do bore of talking about poker, their new found friend is more than likely up for some friendly wagering on random surrounding events – after all, all players have that gamble in them!!

So, again thank you all for the support, but don’t think I’ll go easy on you, nor would I expect you to offer me a hand if we meet over the green baize!

On another front, I have the results of all my recent tests and apart from the cancer I don’t have any other problems. That is a huge relief as even discounting the cancer itself Chemo is so destructive and nasty its important to be as healthy as possible to pull through and recover as quickly as possible. So fab news there, and a sigh of relief!

Update 19:01, 01/14/07 - Must enter tournament!

As if The Main read my mind about how poker players seem to look out for another, this guy is going to run a tournament where he puts up his own winnings!! Think about it for a minute, The Main, a poker pro, is going to grind his way through April, playing thousands of hands for hours and hours, with the goal of posting some pretty decent numbers, and is then going to offer part of his winnings to whoever can take down his tournament!! How about that!! They do say that money won is sweeter then money earned, so let The Main earn the money and then you can win it off him!!

You can check out the details here