Thursday, June 21, 2007

So who took my advice?

...anyone? I gave it to you on a platter after all! A vivid dream, a game set to go any way and a solid betting tip...England to win the forth test.

So any takers?

Obviously I took all of my recent winnings and stuck it on the mighty England for a laugh, I'm not really taking this bankroll management serioulsy! But it came good :) Now I'm telling a small lie there, i didn't stick it all on England, I stuck on £25 but that was good enough and repayed me decently.

So what have I done with my money, well I was thinking of Bluecourse who has finally spent some of his winnings and thought I better do the same, so since I play all my poker online I thought I'd do the shopping online as well.

Firstly I started with Amazon and looked through the DVD's but got massively bored with this since I have 2 Lovefilm subscriptions and they are sending me DVD's everyday so moved on from the DVD's. Then looked at the books but have tons from my last shopping spree left to read so skipped over books as well. I then became stuck over what I should buy...

With no ideas I headed to eBay, the only place to spend poker winnings in my opinion! I searched high and low and as the night pulled in and the sun set my eyes started to hurt and I was squinting at the screen. Not good and I was wishing that I had a lamp or something as I didn't want to turn the main light on and waste all that energy (i'm a carbon neutral poker player you know!).

It was then that I found it

Hurry there are 3 available and I have one!


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Quite possibly a world record!

So booted up the lappy yesterday for some Mansion fun and actually hit a very nice run of form. I wasn't really doing anything different but had a great run of cards and spun my roll up to about £75!

In the process I busted 3 people in a row which was sic and has to be a world record!! ;)

Basically first hand I was dealt JJ in a mid position, there was a total maniac on the table that kept raising and re-raising and was bullying the table big time. He raised early and it folded round to me and I called hoping for a decent flop. The flop came down rags and I was pretty dam sure he didn't have a higher pocket pair then me. He fired, I fired back and then he went all in. That put me on the back foot slightly but trusted my instincts and called. He flipped poc 3's and my $20 was now $40.

Next hand I got dealt A/K, raised it up again and got a few callers, flop came down a beautiful Axx, 2 guys fired in front of me before I raised it, one folded and the turn was a K! Loving this big time! Another bet from in front and I raise it up again, one fold and its heads up. River is an A and he fires again I raise him all in, its called and he mucks. $40 is now up to about $75!

Last hand is fairly straight forward, i'm dealt pocket 9's, I'm on the button and there are a couple of callers. Flop is 97x and I'm laughing, some action before me and a fold, I just call. Turn and river are both blanks but the other guy gets it all in, i call and he flips poc 7's to lose to my higher set! $75 is up to $100!

I faff about for about another 50 hands or so not really getting too much and not willing to risk anything as the table was a little crazy and the best hand I saw for a while were some low suited connectors so cashed out on $101.12 a prof of $81.12 for the sess.

Very nice. I am now tempted to whack it all on England winning the cricket today as had a dream about it last night and they did!

Anyway, thought I would share, quite a pleasing arvo!

Oh and who out there loves marmite? I discovered it in hospital last week and can't get enough of the stuff! Toast and marmie every morning from now on!!


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Finally a new post!

Hey all,

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, have just had my head in other places.

Got some great news recently though, the chemo has been working and I am now in remission, thats right those evil cancer cells have gone!! I still need a final cycle of chemo just to make sure they never ever come back but for all intents and purposes I am on the road to recovery, phew!!

Poker wise, have been trying to grind it out on $20 NLH with my tiny bankroll of £25, big step back to what i'm used. Have been as high as £40 and as low as £5 and am now hovering around £26!! So overall rather uneventful.

Standard of play has been mixed, some good aggressive play other total donks keep drawing out on me so has been frustrating.

Not sure how much longer I continue playing at this level, part of the motivation for me at poker is money and this clearly isn't cutting it! If I can get myself up to £50 I might just dump it all down on $100 NLH and see what happens, do or die!!

Hope everyone else is well in Blogsville!