Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Quite possibly a world record!

So booted up the lappy yesterday for some Mansion fun and actually hit a very nice run of form. I wasn't really doing anything different but had a great run of cards and spun my roll up to about £75!

In the process I busted 3 people in a row which was sic and has to be a world record!! ;)

Basically first hand I was dealt JJ in a mid position, there was a total maniac on the table that kept raising and re-raising and was bullying the table big time. He raised early and it folded round to me and I called hoping for a decent flop. The flop came down rags and I was pretty dam sure he didn't have a higher pocket pair then me. He fired, I fired back and then he went all in. That put me on the back foot slightly but trusted my instincts and called. He flipped poc 3's and my $20 was now $40.

Next hand I got dealt A/K, raised it up again and got a few callers, flop came down a beautiful Axx, 2 guys fired in front of me before I raised it, one folded and the turn was a K! Loving this big time! Another bet from in front and I raise it up again, one fold and its heads up. River is an A and he fires again I raise him all in, its called and he mucks. $40 is now up to about $75!

Last hand is fairly straight forward, i'm dealt pocket 9's, I'm on the button and there are a couple of callers. Flop is 97x and I'm laughing, some action before me and a fold, I just call. Turn and river are both blanks but the other guy gets it all in, i call and he flips poc 7's to lose to my higher set! $75 is up to $100!

I faff about for about another 50 hands or so not really getting too much and not willing to risk anything as the table was a little crazy and the best hand I saw for a while were some low suited connectors so cashed out on $101.12 a prof of $81.12 for the sess.

Very nice. I am now tempted to whack it all on England winning the cricket today as had a dream about it last night and they did!

Anyway, thought I would share, quite a pleasing arvo!

Oh and who out there loves marmite? I discovered it in hospital last week and can't get enough of the stuff! Toast and marmie every morning from now on!!


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Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Nice work, Wombol! And great post -- between the "world record," the cricket dream, and marmie, you had me grinning throughout.