Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Its been almost a year...

...since my last post! Wow, doesn't time fly.

I can't believe I remember the password to this place now!

Brings back some memories as well, some good, some bad about that period of my life but all worth having in one way or another.

On the poker front however, I have been playing! In secret!!

Quite enjoying it as well and am starting to run up a pretty decent bankroll in the process. Won't be dominating Ivey, Hansen et all on the $500/$1000 tables at FTP but if you move the decimal place a few places to the left then you might be a bit closer to the mark...alright a lot of places to the left.

I'm actually enjoying it so much that there is a new site that I want you to check out, its part blog, part entertainment, part load of rubbish! But either way you should go there and make up your own mind.