Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm ok, poker just not floating my boat

hey anyone thats still out there checking my blog.

I am still well and in remission so i hope my absence hasn't got anyone thinking i had expired!

hair is back now and looking dashing once again :)

Bad news is poker doesn't seem to hold the same appeal it once did. In all honesty I haven't played since June sometime, just not feeling it.

That said I still really appreciate the all the words of support and friendship over this year, really appreciate it and it helped me no end.

Anyway, over the course of the last few months i've been telling a friend of mine about poker, the money, the beats etc and i think i have to poor bloke hooked. He bought a few books and he's sitting here next to me now dealing himself hands while I set up a blog for him! God knows whats gonna happen but i have never seen anyone more serious or excited about hitting the tables!

Check out his blog at

If it ends conveying what he's like in real life it will be a good read...funny, arrogant, emotional, passionate and probably slightly zany!

Thats all for now folks