Thursday, June 21, 2007

So who took my advice?

...anyone? I gave it to you on a platter after all! A vivid dream, a game set to go any way and a solid betting tip...England to win the forth test.

So any takers?

Obviously I took all of my recent winnings and stuck it on the mighty England for a laugh, I'm not really taking this bankroll management serioulsy! But it came good :) Now I'm telling a small lie there, i didn't stick it all on England, I stuck on £25 but that was good enough and repayed me decently.

So what have I done with my money, well I was thinking of Bluecourse who has finally spent some of his winnings and thought I better do the same, so since I play all my poker online I thought I'd do the shopping online as well.

Firstly I started with Amazon and looked through the DVD's but got massively bored with this since I have 2 Lovefilm subscriptions and they are sending me DVD's everyday so moved on from the DVD's. Then looked at the books but have tons from my last shopping spree left to read so skipped over books as well. I then became stuck over what I should buy...

With no ideas I headed to eBay, the only place to spend poker winnings in my opinion! I searched high and low and as the night pulled in and the sun set my eyes started to hurt and I was squinting at the screen. Not good and I was wishing that I had a lamp or something as I didn't want to turn the main light on and waste all that energy (i'm a carbon neutral poker player you know!).

It was then that I found it

Hurry there are 3 available and I have one!



GWC said...

LOL nice lamp.
Hope it arrives in one piece mate!

snoopy1239 said...

My winnings seem to be spend all their time in my online account, which makes you wonder, what's the point? Also, that initial 1k (or whatever) that you might put in - do you ever really see that again? Nope, not unless you quit online poker. The mind boggles...

Short-Stacked Shamus said...

What's happening, Wombol?

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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